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The trade fair in Stuttgart is one of the best-known trade fairs in Germany and encompasses all important and overarching sectors and business areas that the market has to offer. On the huge exhibition center, contacts can be made, customers can be recruited and your own ideas can be marketed profitably, whereby many business partners and buyers can be reached at the same time and the event of the presentation and the presentation of an extensive portfolio also enable local sales. Trade fairs offer optimal advertising opportunities for smaller and larger companies and are always the first point of contact for acquisitions. Interesting collaborations and placement opportunities are created here, while smaller companies can also imagine and present themselves. Likewise, new business areas have the chance to become better known across Europe and to assert themselves on the market. Private visitors, in turn, benefit from exciting events at trade fairs and experience the latest lifestyle trends, especially when it comes to hookahs and tobacco. Stuttgart as a professional trade fair destination for tobacco products The exhibition center in Stuttgart has a total capacity of 120,000 square meters and can be found south of downtown Stuttgart. The fair is one of […]